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Thor #377

Expecting dangerous foes? Better materialize up an impressive cape to scare them away!

Who’s the best looking superhero? (x)


존잘님 그림 리메이크 :)

원본 ::

thor and loki are out doin' the asgardian version of clubbing in one of the seedier parts of the city (in disguise of course) and grinding really slow against each other with loki's hands on thor's shoulders and one of thor's hands on loki's waist and the other in his hair, and thor is breathing against his neck, and loki gets so horny that thor has to drag him out into an alley and press him against the wall and finger him roughly until he's satisfied and they can go back in


oh my holy fuck

thor certainly does know how to take care of him, doesn’t he

loki’s a complete mess with thor’s very very skilled fingers in him but then thor takes the edge off and they continue partying like the young greedy idiots they are, only to fuck till dawn later


The Poulnabrone Dolmen, County Clare, Ireland. Classified as a portal tomb, this structure dates to the Neolithic period, radiocarbon dates place its use between 3,800 - 3,600 BCE.

During excavations the skeletal remains of up to 22 prehistoric individual were found, which included both adults and children, as well as one newborn. Extensive specialist analysis has been done on these remains, offering us a rare insight into the lives of these Neolithic people. 

[…] A variety of artefacts, presumably representing grave goods, were also recovered from the burial chamber. These included a polished stone axe, two stone beads, a decorated bone pendant, a fragment of a mushroom-headed bone pin, two quartz crystals, several sherds of coarse pottery, three chert arrowheads and three chert/flint scrapers.

The burial evidence from Poulnabrone has given us rare glimpse into the lives of our early ancestors. It appears that they endured a relatively tough existence, that involved hard physical labour, childhood illnesses, occasional violent attacks and early deaths. Although only a small section of the community were deemed worthy of burial in the tomb, there is little evidence for gender or age discrimination, with both male and female remains present as well as young and old. Prior to interment their bones appear to have been stored elsewhere and this may indicate that they were venerated as ancestor relics. Why certain individuals were chosen to be buried in the seemingly exalted location of a megalithic tomb, however, remains a mystery. 

-Irish Archaeology

Photo courtesy of & taken by Nicolas Raymond.

artbooksnat: A selection of beautiful painted backgrounds from the Studio Ghibli film The Wind Rises (風立ちぬ) in the Roman Album Extra (Amazon US | JP).



characters that go from villain to awkward friend are so important



I want more fic where Thor and Loki are getting hot and heavy and they’re desperate to fuck but then they can’t find any lube.

and Thor is like, “Don’t you know a spell or something…?”

and Loki is like… “Why the FUCK would I know a spell for slicking up my own ass?” and he gets…